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This is so awesome! Too excited to do more!

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This is so awesome! Too excited to do more!

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This is so awesome! Too excited for next ones! Check it out

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I’d give anything to be someone else. Anywhere else.

Tonight I went and had some vegan chili dogs to cheer myself up. I ate them while choking back tears in a restaurant full of happy people. People in love. She called me while I was writing this post…she wants me to help her with homework…I said ok. I’m so fucking weak I make myself sick. I want to drive so far away…across states….time zones…far away from this life. I will be alone forever. She doesn’t care about me. I told her everything…she just uses me. I let her.


I let you in. You don’t feel the same. Instead you’re in love with your boss. The same guy that got you drunk and high and tried to fuck you. I was always there to help you when you didn’t have anyone. He’ll never care about you like I do.

Should’ve never watched this video…now I’m crying

I wish i could be honest.

I wish things didn’t have to be like this.

I wish i was someone else.

I wish you were here.

I wish someone loved me.

I wish i wasn’t crying at work right now.

I wish my life want shit.

I wish i was attractive.

I wish i didn’t have to feel like this.

I was home right now.

I wish i could remember what home felt like.

I wish you could see who i really am.

I wish i deserved better.

I wish i was meant for more.

I wish i had friends.

I wish i wasn’t lonely.

I wish i had money.

I wish i wasn’t 28.

I wish I had someone to love

I wish someone cared

I am deeply, deeply unhappy….what is this thing I am trapped in? its like being born into the deep end of a swimming pool with no swimming lessons and no way out…then i remember that maybe i don’t deserve a way out…

why couldn’t i be born someone else?

Am I so unworthy and undeserving of love?

DJing doesn’t mean shit to me…nothing does…I’m just gonna sell all my equipment and buy a 1 way ticket